I am not one given to making lists, it seems to take all the fun out of our play.
However, upon our first contact, I will encourage you to outline your
interests and limitations. So, I consider it necessary that you first peruse mine.
I can be both breathtakingly severe or surprisingly compassionate.
Your torment is my prerogative and I am anything but predictable…
I revel in controlling your every sensation with a deft hand.
You will find me both skilled and experienced, welcoming of the
fantastical and bizarre…and possessing a debauched sense of humour.
This is a list of activities that I particularly enjoy, but am by no means limited to.

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Corporal Punishment and Impact play:

I am well practiced in wielding the cane and the strength of my
bare hand spankings often leaves naughty boys breathless.
You will find me accurate and measured…and loving every moment of it.
I can be extremely severe and encourage those expert
with receiving the cane to test their limits with me.
However, I also enjoy guiding a novice through their first corporal punishment
experience. Having been on the receiving end in the past, I know exactly
what you are feeling. I am an expert at pain management and will coach you through the experience, with various techniques that will enable the release of endorphins; an ultimate goal! It is also possible for you to leave unmarked and although it’s a terrible shame, I do appreciate that cane stripes
are not always received well in gym changing rooms…...you will find me accurate and measured *with all the tools at my disposal, be it the strap, tawse, paddle, flogger, horse whip, or the much vaunted cane...and loving every moment of it.

Rope bondage/heavy restraint:

I am an accomplished bondage artist with an idiosyncratic and imaginative style.
I am very conscious of safety concerns and specialise in long intensive scenarios.

Foot fetish/worship, divine shoe and boot worship and trampling:

I am not one to blow my own trumpet, but I do have lovely feet.
I enjoy both causing pain with them and having
them worshipped, should you deserve it! I also delight in the filthier side of such play and am not afraid to get a little dirty. These sessions can be sensual and relaxing experience,
or involve extreme levels of torture caused by my stiletto heels.

Role play, fantasy, psycho drama:

I am an utterly engaged and convincing role player- quite the performer, really!- and open to various scenarios and suggestions. In particular, I enjoy scenarios that explore a disparity of power. It goes without saying that I am an excellent strict school Mistress. But, there are so many other options as well…Our imaginations will be our guide.


Invasive Play:

Use your imagination

CBT and NT:

I am proficient with bondage in this area and enjoy employing needles, electrics (both tens and violet wand), sounding (I am an expert), clamps, ball busting and kicking, stretching and humbling…Let your imagination run wild. When you’re close to your limit and look into my eyes, will you want me to stop? Be warned: I excel at persuading slaves to explore their pain threshold and extend their limits.


My golden showers are always generous and creative in their administration: a source of intimacy; an expression of my dominance over you; a source of exquisite humiliation. 

Gender Play and Sissy training:

From a tender and erotic dressing, a transformation to explore the feminine, to tart training, with allthe requisite skills; these are sessions I relish. I love to subvert the concept of the slut and ‘slutshaming’, It’s a game I find highly amusing.


Humiliation and degredation:

I have done dreadful things in the past and expect to do so again in the future. My verbal skills are key here and humiliation means something different to everyone.Is it simply grovelling on the floor in front of me, for you? Or, being inspected and found wanting? Or, perhaps being forced to swallow things that turn your stomach while I whisper horrors into your ear? Maybe it is being thoroughly dressed down in public after being forced to urinate in your own trousers, or other public displays? There are so many options that I won’t list here…It just becomes more and more outrageous. Approach me with your desires in this area and I will plot a course for your degradation.


Fetish and pervasion exploration:

Don’t hold back! I adore a play partner with an imagination and relish the unusual and the bizarre, which are relative concepts, of course!


Slave training:

This is often an area ideal for the novice submissive.
I enjoy taking fresh meat and moulding it into the perfect slave, figuratively, of course!


Extended sessions and overnight stays

I specialise in long term commitments to exploring and developing your submission, with the aim being transformative and profound experiences. Further to this, I am skilled at managing the momentum; the ebb and flow of extended sessions and regularly play for three hours plus at a time. Do you have the stamina?


Play outside my studio:

I am open to various forms of ‘outdoor’ play, be this public humiliation,
subtle public domination, shopping trips, dinner, high tea etc.


Kidnapping and interrogation:

I have been known to drag people off the street and take them to a secret
location for an extended torture and interrogation scene.
This can be a terrifying experience for you and most amusing for me…


No mercy scenarios:

I also conduct ‘no mercy’ sessions for those who
know what they’re getting themselves into.

Sensory regulation and overstimulation:

I am adept at controlling your senses, smothering, or ramping them up to unbearable levels


Breath play, smothering, asphyxiation, drowning

These can be both highly charged and erotic, transcendent experiences, or terrifying ordeals. It depends on my/our goal.


You may note that ‘sexual intercourse’ and ‘intimate body worship/cunnilingus’ is not mentioned on the above list. There is a reason for this: both activities are out of the question…Don’t ask, I don’t care if my refusal offends.


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