Impending Brisbane BDSM Mistress Tour

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News and Brisbane BDSM Mistress Tour

Website update:
I have been a busy Mistress and much has been afoot. You may have noticed that I have had a website rebuild and overhaul. I am utterly revitalised. Thank you to my excellent web Mistress. I now have the ability to rewrite my pages any time I have urge! My newest page is for testimonials, which I thoroughly enjoyed receiving and reading. More are, of course, welcome!

Brisbane BDSM Mistress Tour:
My forthcoming Brisbane tour is looming – August 27th until September 5th – I have a busy schedule booked and I’m looking forward to setting up my silent vac bed , canes and accoutrements of bondage and torture. I have some long and intensive scenes planned and I’m relishing the thought of having my slaves in my clutches again.

Contact me before it’s too late if you hope to meet while I’m in town: mistressvianne(at)

Stay tuned…

The Return: Melbourne BDSM, BRISBANE TOUR

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This blog has been neglected for a long time. I have taken a break from BDSM in order to pursue some other projects for the last…however long it has been. Let’s not think about that; it has been far too long, I know. However, I have excellent news: I have returned to sessions. I have been lured back into the dungeon; beckoned back into kinky play. Slowly, I have commenced contacting play partners to assure them that it isn’t over. I must say, it has been wonderful and gratifying that so many slaves and play partners have endeavoured to keep in touch during my absence. Thank you.

I have been indulging in some incredibly cruel and heavy bondage, sensory deprivation and imprisonment sessions. I have also returned to the dungeon, for a torture and caning scenario. It has been such a pleasure and I can’t wait for more.

I am currently available in Melbourne with notice (still a busy woman and hard to catch never mind pin down!). It’s ideal to send me an email or SMS.

I will be visiting Brisbane from August 27th-September 5th. There will be more information to come regarding this tour…

I can’t wait.

Brisbane Sessions

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A Round of Brisbane Sessions

I will be visiting Brisbane next week and conducting sessions from Tuesday, March 28th until late on Friday 31st.

As you know, I regularly visit Brisbane to meet with my circle of play partners, slaves and submissives. In fact, I’m there as often as I’m able. I have been enjoying BDSM play and exploration in Brisbane for over five years and have cultivated many extremely rewarding relationships during that time. Although, the primary focus of my visit is on these relationships and conducting some mutually rewarding sessions that build on previous play and experience, I also welcome newcomers to my BDSM practice.

Perhaps you have been watching my website for sometime and girding your loins, so to speak; building the courage to contact me. Or, perhaps you have been honing your BDSM fantasy; considering what it is you hope to explore. Well, now is the time to contact me. Often, what we will experience together is beyond what you imagined or hoped for. BDSM, fetish, fantasy, psycho drama, power play and diversion from the everyday can have the ability to do that: the experience can be transcendental. This is particularly so when you are in the right hands.

Equally, if life has kept you far too busy to find the time for a little kink and exploration, if we have met before and missed connections since, contact me now. I love being revisited when we have missed one another for so long. Each session, like each connection and relationship is unique.

If you need a refresher regarding my particular interests, perversions and specialities, I advise you peruse my website. Also, a scroll though this blog will reward you with many tantalising details.

To contact me regarding Brisbane sessions via email:
Phone: 0435 741 334 (please note that I can be very busy and often miss calls. The best idea is to sms before you call or after you call. No private numbers allowed).

Brisbane Tour

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Mistress Vianne’s Brisbane Tour, February 7-11.

Drop everything and beg me for the chance to fall at my feet! As usual, the schedule is already becoming busy. I know we have all missed each other terribly in my absence!

If we already know one another, you know exactly what to do.

I have finally returned from my extended travels in Europe and some exciting sessions in London. It is so wonderful to have the chance to continue my relationship with long term play partners there. I have missed London!

I have also missed Brisbane and am now making preparations for my next Brisbane tour. I’m looking forward to escaping the heat in my cool apartment, dressed to kill (literally?) in my exquisite new latex from designer Atsuko Kudo, fully fashioned nylons and Louboutin heels – wickedly sharp, tried and tested!

I will, of course, have my usual accoutrements with me: The silent vac bed, tools for restraint and torture, bench, sling, electrics (including violet wand), medical toys and sounds, as well as items that shouldn’t be mentioned in polite circles…I have been taking particular pleasure of late in breath play and inciting excitement and terror in my slaves, heavy rope sessions (I can ensure you never escape!), the most thorough of spankings and canings (I love to have a deserving sub over my knee – this is not reserved for boys), sounding and electrics, verbal humiliation and physical degradation. I have a way of sensing a slave’s weakness in this department and exploiting it utterly. As you all know, I am extremely persuasive and often lead slaves down unexpected paths. I do consider this key to my role as a Mistress. Also key to our games is pleasure, fun and a wicked joke or two.

Two magnificent Mistress friends of mine will also be in town during my Brisbane tour (Brisbane, you are extremely fortunate): Mistress Amara and Mistress Boheme. I have posted links to their site below for you to read thoroughly and contact if you wish.

So, Brisbane purveyors of kink, those who wish to suffer at my whim, who wish to sob while I smirk, prepare yourselves for a great deal of fun and MY pleasure. It has been far too long since I had you in my clutches.

Final Brisbane visit for 2016

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My final Brisbane visit for this year will be next week, Wednesday November 30 until Friday December 2nd. I don’t expect to be returning until late January or early February next year. It is a busy time, I know. But, I foresee a last minute scramble for appointments, so contact me to make arrangements as soon as you can! A missed opportunity is a terrible thing…

I look forward to hearing from you.

Mistress Vianne



site update teaser

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I know, I know: I must update some more pics soon. I will, another shoot is definitely on the cards!

Here is a little teaser for the update soon to come. I add it in order to note, with appreciation, the immense generosity of many of you. You know who you are. Thank you. Also, your generosity has meant that I had to update my wish list, lest I double up on certain items!

My updated wish list is as follows:

Bespoke latex couture from Atsuko Kudo:

or House of Harlot:

I am planning a visit both of these stores for personalised fitting while in London. A gift voucher for either store would be perfect. Go online and imagine me gorgeously attired in one of these latex items to torment yourself, I insist.

Red wine: A good quality Shiraz, Merlot or Pinot Noir with a preference for the following:

My new favourite being Known Pleasures…A case of six wouldn’t go astray!

Henschke: (obviously, I yearn for Hill of Grace, but they do have a range for all budgets).

Tarrawarra Pinot Noir, or Shiraz:

Thierry Mugler Angel eau de parfum

A gift card for Chuan Spa at the Langham in Melbourne (so I can luxuriate at you expense):

Bose quiet comfort headphones for Apple devices:

Logitech keyboard:

Some exquisite fully fashioned stockings:

I would add some killer heels from Christian Louboutin, but a pair will appear on my feet very soon, thanks to one very good boy.

Sessions in Melbourne, Brisbane and London

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I will be conducting sessions from Fetish House in Melbourne on Sundays for the month of November. You may get in contact to discuss the opportunity to present yourself to me there.


My final visit to Brisbane this year will be from November 30 to December 3rd, commencing sessions early on Wednesday and taking my last booking early on Friday evening. I don’t expect to return until late January, or early February. So, I insist you make the most of my visit!


As many of you know, I will be visiting London from December 6th until the 15th. It has been far too long, I know! I am looking forward to getting up to my old ways and some debauched behaviour.


My visit to Brisbane last week was a great deal of fun, with some new experiences and extreme sessions! I am looking forward to the next instalment.


Mistress Vianne



Brisbane Domination Tour

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I will be visiting Brisbane next week from Wednesday, November 2nd until Saturday 5th. 

I am looking forward to having my way with my delightful supplicants, tormenting and torturing to my wicked heart’s content. My last visit was highly entertaining with some heavy humiliation, breath play and water torture to name a few things…Plus an immensely pleasurable and thoroughly deserved heavy caning. I so enjoy my visits to Brisbane and the occasional opportunity to meet new slaves, when my schedule allows. If you hope to indulge me during this next visit, get in touch as soon as possible: mistressvianne(at)

This is one of only two more visits prior to my departure for Europe. I am overjoyed to announce my London visit (finally, I know!). I am arriving in the first week of December and look forward to meeting with my slaves there and having them submit to me utterly, of course! If you would like to join me for some debauched kink, torture, or fetish play, get in touch via email as soon as you can.

Mistress Vianne







Mistress Vianne Impending Brisbane visit

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Mistress Vianne, visiting Brisbane October 12-14. 

It’s true; I simply cannot stay away. I’m very pleased to announce that I will be in Brisbane next week from Wednesday to Friday, (October 12-14) conducting my usual array of wicked, perverse, playful and cruel BDSM sessions. For the uninitiated, I will kindly place an outline below of my most recent pursuits, just to give you a few ideas. As usual, my diary is quickly filling with those who know me and my ways very well. If you wish to meet with me and throw yourself at my feet, don’t hesitate. See you there:

The breadth and depth of my more than 12 years of experience is such that I manage my BDSM sessions with a keen sensitivity, inducing a torment that is both physical and emotional and I am skilled at endorphin manipulation.

The following are activities I particularly enjoy, in order to give you an idea of my tastes. I appreciate creativity in my slaves and submissives and I encourage you to approach me with your own ideas.

Role play and psycho drama

Corporal punishment and impact play- I am highly skilled at the application of the cane.

Rope bondage/heavy restraint

Humiliation and degradation


Invasive play


CBT and NT:

Sounding, clamping, catheterisation, needles, bondage, castration play, chastity, ball busting and electrical stimulation (Tens and Violet Wand).

No Mercy sessions

Breath play, asphyxiation, drowning

Fetish and pervasion exploration (Of particular note: feet, stiletto, stocking and latex fetishes).

Sensory regulation and overstimulation

If you are a novice, don’t let the above intimidate you. I believe empathy is integral to a successful BDSM scene and while I can be callous, wicked and cruel and delight in your responses to my attentions, I perform these debauched acts with an attitude of compassion and sensitivity. I am extremely approachable and understanding.

To submit yourself for my pleasure, please initially peruse my website fully to ensure we are compatible: Then email: mistressvianne(at) or call: 0435 741 334. If I miss your call, please follow with an sms and I will discreetly let you know when I am available to talk.


Until then,

Mistress Vianne


Mistress Vianne Sydney Domination Tour

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My Sydney domination tour commences NEXT WEEK. I will be in town to conduct BDSM sessions, subjugate those worthy of my exquisite attention and generally have a wicked time. I will be available from Tuesday, September 27th until Friday 30th.

It will be a brief visit, I know, but finely executed in my usual diabolical fashion: well considered, paced, fun and debauched times. I will be dividing my time between the dungeon and my private apartment. My apartment will be best suited to sessions of the domestic atmosphere. While I will not have a dungeon of BDSM furniture at my disposal for these sessions, I will be extremely well equipped for our meeting. I have an impressive traveling kit with everything required for torture, restraint, corporal punishment, fetish and sissy play, including a small collection of lingerie for those that way inclined. I am a creative individual and highly skilled at adapting the domestic for my depraved desires.

The ideal way to contact me initially is via email: mistressvianne(at) Please outline your interests and experience in term of BDSM play and what you hope to explore/achieve during our meeting. Then, we shall negotiate and plan a mutually agreeable session.

I am not adverse to phone calls, but do lead a very busy existence in which I’m not always best placed to answer. You may call me, but if I miss your call, please follow with an sms and I will respond discreetly when I am available to speak. I highly value discretion and well mannered interaction and will never contact a potential slave after 5pm unless invited to. I expect the same consideration. The hours in which I take calls are between 9am and 7pm. My number is: 0435 741 334.

As I state on my main page: The driving philosophy behind my performance of BDSM play is the pursuit of immense gratification promoted by the exploration of power and submission, sensation, pain and torment within a haven contrived as an escape from the everyday world. Our play is fun, exquisite and challenging with the ability to be transformative.

Prepare yourselves for my Sydney Domination Tour…


Until then,


Mistress Vianne