That’s all for now…

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I am now officially on holiday. I must admit that I have worked very hard since I returned from London. I realise I convey an image of the ‘lady of leisure’, but this just isn’t so! I deserve a holiday, but know I’ll be suffering from ‘play’ deprivation very swiftly…I have the attitude that committing horrifying acts and being dreadfully cruel is good for my character.

However, I intend on having a GREAT time on holiday and may even be kind enough to keep you informed of my adventures while I’m away. I doubt I’ll be taking any calls, but will respond to emails when I can.

Never fear,  Mistress Violet will be torturing in my absence and will no doubt run riot. Contact her on: and have a fabulous summer.


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I’ll definitely be away from London from the 1st of August until towards the end of the month. So, take advantage of my being in town while you can…

I’ve been neglecting my posts over the last few days due to being  just to busy to document developments. But, I have a moment now. Don’t hold back in regards to your kidnapping fantasies, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying them. One highlight from last week was bundling some poor fool into the back of my ‘murder’s van’. The exciting aspect of the kidnapping scenario is the unpredictability of conditions, as we experienced. But, we like it as ‘real’ and frightening as possible…taped and tied, pillow case over our victims head and into the forest for torture!

Are you game?

the dungeon

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I was lured back into the ‘dungeon’ this week. I was initially reluctant, as I’ve been revelling in having a play space of my own…However, I had a great time! The dungeon is ideal for lengthy torture and interrogation scenarios…And kidnapping. This was one of the best!

So, I dare you to lure me in there once again.

Upcoming holiday

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I’m planning to be absent from London for much of August. My dates aren’t confirmed as yet, but I will let you all know once I have decided. So, plan your visits around me! I doubt I will be taking calls during my absence, but will continue checking emails, so type away…

Another double day

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Violet and I will be available together again tomorrow (Tuesday).  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves last week and hope to repeat the experience…I think it will rain, so no sunburned nipples on the terrace for any slaves this time…

In the meantime, I’m looking at this:

Medium and 34c, please.

I considered telling tales of my goings on within session. But, as a general rule, I think that what goes on in the salon between myself and whomever I may be playing with is a private thing. So, it will just be the occasional hint…Just a teaser…

I got my tears for today, so I will relax this evening, a very happy woman.

Play for today

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What a glorious day it’s shaping up to be! I must admit, I’ve been refusing to play in the heat of the day for most of this week because I am desperate to be outside enjoying the weather. BUT today, Mistress Violet and I have a play date! It begins this morning with a light lunch on my roof terrace, served by my favourite slave, followed by an afternoon of debauchery. If you would like to join in, we do still have one or two slots free…Perhaps you will be allowed to serve us drinks on the terrace? Or, perhaps tormented in the playroom? The choice is ours!!