To London!

Posted in Uncategorized on April 26th, 2012 by Mistress Vianne

Well, I have just returned to Melbourne from Brisbane and Cairns. I have had such a wonderful and wicked time – it was such a shame to leave! I am so looking forward to returning to Brisbane in August to relive these wild times – well, perhaps not the broken table. I think it’s time to source something a touch sturdier, as amusing as the whole episode was!

So, I am playing in Melbourne for the next couple of weeks – kidnapping, being spoiled and torturing in the dungeon is all expected. So, do get in touch if you hope to meet up again prior to my departure for LONDON. Once there, I’m going to allow myself a few days to recover from the ghastly long haul flight and am making preparations to conduct sessions from the 21st of May. Dungeon, or private apartment? I expect to play in both. Those who know me will be well aware that I can make the most mundane setting service my fiendish ends. So, I don’t always find a dungeon necessary…

In any case, I’m expecting to spend the majority of my time with past and much missed acquaintances. However, please do contact me if we are yet to have the pleasure of meeting and perhaps we can manage it…Slaves able to make my trip smoother and sweeter, don’t hold back with your offers of assistance!