Soundly spanked bottoms…

Posted in Uncategorized on April 25th, 2013 by Mistress Vianne

Let it never be said that interest is waning in the activity of corporal punishment! There are a number of soundly beaten bottoms currently lurking around Brisbane. Many with marks that should linger…Fond memories.

However, rest assured that my fun hasn’t been confined to beatings. With a myriad of ever evolving interests, I am always keeping myself fresh and enthused. Abused mouth, anyone? Sunburned nipples? Pierced testicles? Sensory deprivation/regulation (as coined by the wonderful Mistress Violet), asphyxiation? Drowning? An outlandish role play? This is just today’s program, mind you.


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Well, it’s a flurry of activity here in Melbourne, with last minute preparations for my extended stay in Brisbane. (Although, I still have managed to squeeze in a little play amidst the packing). When in Brisbane, I conduct my sessions from an apartment in the CBD. Those who know me will be well aware that I am rather creative with the use of my domestic space and adapt my short term lair to meet my requirements. Bringing kink to the mundane and the ordinary is something I revel in…I am in pursuit of a permanent space in Brisbane, in which I can tailor my surroundings accordingly. But, in the meantime, I travel with an extensive kit and am highly skilled with bondage and restraint (should you fear escaping my clutches). My kit includes a sling and bondage/whipping bench. (No more broken tables!) I am always refining my collection of tools and adding new ones…So, there is always a new toy to become acquainted with.

So, I suppose I had better pack!

Arrival in Brisbane

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I expect to be arriving in Brisbane on Monday, April 22nd for at least three weeks of fun. If things prove interesting, I may be tempted to stay longer. Tempt me, I dare you.

So, I’m sure you all know how to get in contact. But, I’ll reiterate so that we are clear: text is ideal for our initial contact. I can advise you of a time to call and chat. I don’t generally interrupt my sessions to answer the phone and often find my phone ringing off the hook (most distressing, considering it’s a mobile). Email is ok, but if I’m busy, it takes me a while to respond. Between kinky play and lotus eating, one does struggle to find the time…

I’m so looking forward to playing with my usual wicked suspects (you know who you are!), as well as meeting new play partners to explore the BDSM world with.

(your) Mistress Vianne
0435 741 334