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My gorgeous friend, Mistress Boheme will be visiting Brisbane for a week from Monday the 23rd of June. We are anticipating all sorts of heinous acts, as well as being waited on hand and foot by adoring slaves…Mistress Boheme will be conducting her sessions from a CBD location. But, we will also be getting together to play and to play up. I admit, I’ve come to know a number of excellent secluded locations around Brisbane that are perfect for a kidnapping! I dare you.

More information regarding Mistress Boheme’s interests and approach can be found here: www.mistressboheme.com

And well, I expect you know something of my proclivities already…

The first year

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Friday the 13th of June marked the first anniversary of my Brisbane Salon. What a year it has been! I have so thoroughly enjoyed myself that I moved to Brisbane in order to spend more time at perverse play. As many of you know, I had been visiting Brisbane in order to conduct sessions for some time. In fact, my first visit was in 2010. I still regularly meet and play with the majority of the slaves I met on my first week long foray in Brisbane.

I have been so impressed with the enthusiastic and committed slaves I have come to know here…

And so for the next year…

The next step is some interesting developments in Salon furniture and to consider relocating to a bigger and better space. The search begins…

I am available Wednesday night, Thursday day/eve, Friday day/eve and Saturday day/eve this coming week.

Stay tuned.

This week, last week, next week.

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Well, good morning slaves, play partners, accomplices, fellow perverts; past, present and future.

The last two weeks have been great fun, with so many hours of play both in the dungeon and out, culminating in an overnight session with a slave imprisoned and at my full disposal.

I admit, I have been compared to a cat (even killer whale!) toying with my prey until I close in for the kill. Having a prisoner in my clutches and letting him believe he may escape, only to be caught and tortured further…Well, many of your have heard my wicked laugh…I adore having a slave caught between pleasure and pain, terrified of the pain, but desperate for it not to stop. Perhaps this sounds familiar to many of you?


This is due to my taking a short, relaxing break in Melbourne.

Stay tuned.