Brisbane Tour

Posted in Uncategorized on January 30th, 2017 by Mistress Vianne

Mistress Vianne’s Brisbane Tour, February 7-11.

Drop everything and beg me for the chance to fall at my feet! As usual, the schedule is already becoming busy. I know we have all missed each other terribly in my absence!

If we already know one another, you know exactly what to do.

I have finally returned from my extended travels in Europe and some exciting sessions in London. It is so wonderful to have the chance to continue my relationship with long term play partners there. I have missed London!

I have also missed Brisbane and am now making preparations for my next Brisbane tour. I’m looking forward to escaping the heat in my cool apartment, dressed to kill (literally?) in my exquisite new latex from designer Atsuko Kudo, fully fashioned nylons and Louboutin heels – wickedly sharp, tried and tested!

I will, of course, have my usual accoutrements with me: The silent vac bed, tools for restraint and torture, bench, sling, electrics (including violet wand), medical toys and sounds, as well as items that shouldn’t be mentioned in polite circles…I have been taking particular pleasure of late in breath play and inciting excitement and terror in my slaves, heavy rope sessions (I can ensure you never escape!), the most thorough of spankings and canings (I love to have a deserving sub over my knee – this is not reserved for boys), sounding and electrics, verbal humiliation and physical degradation. I have a way of sensing a slave’s weakness in this department and exploiting it utterly. As you all know, I am extremely persuasive and often lead slaves down unexpected paths. I do consider this key to my role as a Mistress. Also key to our games is pleasure, fun and a wicked joke or two.

Two magnificent Mistress friends of mine will also be in town during my Brisbane tour (Brisbane, you are extremely fortunate): Mistress Amara and Mistress Boheme. I have posted links to their site below for you to read thoroughly and contact if you wish.

So, Brisbane purveyors of kink, those who wish to suffer at my whim, who wish to sob while I smirk, prepare yourselves for a great deal of fun and MY pleasure. It has been far too long since I had you in my clutches.