Melbourne Mistress Vianne

Melbourne Mistress Session Availability

I expect you are all wondering what I am currently doing and how I am whiling away my days. You may be surprised to find that it isn’t all luxuriating and lotus eating, interspersed with the occasional debauched dungeon visit. I am a busy lady, with┬ávarious pursuits outside of the dungeon; creative, academic and some rather unusual. I find having multifarious interests and life experience to be an excellent resource when it comes the BDSM play.┬áSo, I am well occupied when you are not grovelling at my feet…

I am currently in Melbourne and conducting sessions at the very well equipped Collingwood Dungeon. I don’t accept bookings under one hour in length; insisting we play for longer! I specialise in extended sessions, particularly when it comes to torture, extended bondage and fetish and perversion exploration. Come to me with your suggestions, the more creative and outrageous, the better. As usual, I advise that you peruse my website prior to contacting me, taking note of my interests and boundaries. initial contact via email is preferred. As I explained above, I have much going on and am not always available to take calls or discuss sessions over the phone. Email me and we shall arrange a time to do this. My availability when in Melbourne is fairly flexible, provided notice is given.

I will note that I have seen some slaves I have known since the very beginning recently…The dawn of time almost! Who would have imagined, so many years ago and here I still am. I was accused once, by another Mistress, of finding my ‘calling’. I have proven her correct, it seems. So, here I am in Melbourne, so close to where it all started and still relishing every session. BDSM is an adventure and not for the faint hearted, I challenge you to put yourself in my vastly experienced hands!

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