Mistress Vianne Impending Brisbane visit

Mistress Vianne, visiting Brisbane October 12-14. 

It’s true; I simply cannot stay away. I’m very pleased to announce that I will be in Brisbane next week from Wednesday to Friday, (October 12-14) conducting my usual array of wicked, perverse, playful and cruel BDSM sessions. For the uninitiated, I will kindly place an outline below of my most recent pursuits, just to give you a few ideas. As usual, my diary is quickly filling with those who know me and my ways very well. If you wish to meet with me and throw yourself at my feet, don’t hesitate. See you there:

The breadth and depth of my more than 12 years of experience is such that I manage my BDSM sessions with a keen sensitivity, inducing a torment that is both physical and emotional and I am skilled at endorphin manipulation.

The following are activities I particularly enjoy, in order to give you an idea of my tastes. I appreciate creativity in my slaves and submissives and I encourage you to approach me with your own ideas.

Role play and psycho drama

Corporal punishment and impact play- I am highly skilled at the application of the cane.

Rope bondage/heavy restraint

Humiliation and degradation


Invasive play


CBT and NT:

Sounding, clamping, catheterisation, needles, bondage, castration play, chastity, ball busting and electrical stimulation (Tens and Violet Wand).

No Mercy sessions

Breath play, asphyxiation, drowning

Fetish and pervasion exploration (Of particular note: feet, stiletto, stocking and latex fetishes).

Sensory regulation and overstimulation

If you are a novice, don’t let the above intimidate you. I believe empathy is integral to a successful BDSM scene and while I can be callous, wicked and cruel and delight in your responses to my attentions, I perform these debauched acts with an attitude of compassion and sensitivity. I am extremely approachable and understanding.

To submit yourself for my pleasure, please initially peruse my website fully to ensure we are compatible: www.mistressvianne.com. Then email: mistressvianne(at)hotmail.com or call: 0435 741 334. If I miss your call, please follow with an sms and I will discreetly let you know when I am available to talk.


Until then,

Mistress Vianne


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