Brisbane Domination Tour

I will be visiting Brisbane next week from Wednesday, November 2nd until Saturday 5th. 

I am looking forward to having my way with my delightful supplicants, tormenting and torturing to my wicked heart’s content. My last visit was highly entertaining with some heavy humiliation, breath play and water torture to name a few things…Plus an immensely pleasurable and thoroughly deserved heavy caning. I so enjoy my visits to Brisbane and the occasional opportunity to meet new slaves, when my schedule allows. If you hope to indulge me during this next visit, get in touch as soon as possible: mistressvianne(at)

This is one of only two more visits prior to my departure for Europe. I am overjoyed to announce my London visit (finally, I know!). I am arriving in the first week of December and look forward to meeting with my slaves there and having them submit to me utterly, of course! If you would like to join me for some debauched kink, torture, or fetish play, get in touch via email as soon as you can.

Mistress Vianne







3 Responses to “Brisbane Domination Tour”

  1. Benjamin Says:

    Looking forward to submitting to You utterly next week in Brisbane Mistress Vianne

  2. Peter Penitent Says:

    With the fading marks of Mistress Vianne’s most recent ministrations still evident I now look forward to submitting to her discipline again next week. How I love a lusciously lascivious lady who is liberal with leather strap and rattan cane.

  3. Benjamin Says:

    This time , Dominatrix Mistress Vianne’s incredible skill and sexual power wiped me out with a single pose !

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