Brisbane Vac Bed Sessions

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As promised, here are a couple of latex vac bed shots from my latest Brisbane Mistress tour. These first two are a little dimly lit. Clearly, I should be performing my sessions in a photography studio. Yes, this has crossed my mind from time to time! I am a discreet Mistress and don’t generally shoot and later post my sessions. However, I thought I’d break with tradition just this once. Enjoy this delightful image of my drugged and restrained latex slave.


Here he is again, sealed in my vac bed.



As you are no doubt noting, the vac bed is particularly wide and can accommodate the very tall slave. I love the sight of that moment when the air is completely drawn from the bed and my slave is rendered immobile. As you can see, the bed is equipped with a wicked looking gas mask. I can allow my slave to view me looming above, or I can remove that sense as an optional extra. Speaking of optional extras, the mask allows for the delights of breath play and, ah ‘inhaling’ as well as being equipped with a drinking tube.


But what might a slave drink, you wonder?



Why, anything I wish; every last drop. Here is my delightful minion enjoying a drink of the finest golden nectar while trapped in my vac bed. He is an imaginative and resourceful creature and has adapted the inbuilt drinking tube to accommodate this bottle (500mls, I believe). Being a dedicated slave, he consumed the lot, which I fed him in bursts using the valve.



My vac bed is currently only available in Brisbane as I am yet to render it portable. Procuring a smaller, traveling vac bed is an option I’m considering. But, for the time being, this is a treat purely for those of you in the North.

Brisbane Mistress Tour

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Reflections Upon My Brisbane Mistress Tour

I have decided to go against convention entirely and post some images from my last two domination tours of Brisbane. What can I say? I can’t help myself. I have been having my magnificent vac bed retrieved from storage (thank you for the extra lugging and toil, my faithful ‘minion’) during my last two visits and wanted to share the results! It’s amazing how a ‘domestic’ setting like an apartment can be reformed into a Dungeon space. All that is required is the correct tools and a great deal of creativity. I have also been road testing my new spreader bar to facilitate some extremely vulnerable positions (a few of you know exactly what I’m referring to) and I expect the experiments to continue.

As usual, I exulted in a hectic schedule of diverse sessions and relished the development in play in each. There were were some new faces welcomed at my feet. But, as many of you know, the majority of my visits are occupied with developing the relationship and sessional play with slaves who I have known and played with for some time. In many cases, several years. My first visit to Brisbane was in 2010 and there are a number of slaves that I met during that visit that I still regularly torment. Oh the depths of erotic torture, divine degradation and sweet suffering we have plumbed together!

I have also noted, of late, that my mention of ‘no mercy’ scenarios in my online listings have been met with much enthusiasm by the new slaves who have contacted me. As those of you who I have an extended relationship with know, this is something I have explored for many years. I am particularly perceptive when judging a slave’s limits and capabilities, I can lead you further than you imagine you will ever go: I adore playing at the precipice.

Stay tuned for my future Brisbane Mistress tour dates. At the moment, I am anticipating the first week of September. I have a keen interest in visiting Sydney again also! My trip to Europe has been put on hold for the moment. But, rest assured, I will update you all on this as soon as I can!


Mistress Vianne

mistressvianne@hotmail.comThe treasured toys...

Sydney Domination; What I Discovered BDSM in Sydney.

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My Sydney Domination Tour

I enjoyed my first Sydney mission this week, in which I revelled in performing some wicked Sydney Domination and had the chance to engage with new slaves and play partners…It was certainly an excellent opportunity to inculcate new flesh in the delights of submitting to me! I returned to Melbourne an exhausted and sated Mistress, having fed well!

Temple 22 is excellently equipped and run and I delighted in playing in the dungeons there. Needless to say, the venue is new, spacious and has a number of rooms and dungeons that cater to various styles of play. I couldn’t help myself and despite the array of quality toys at my disposal, I attended with my usual traveling kit of my favourite play things and torture devices – Including my tens unit, violet wand, sounds, CBT ties, humbler, CBT restraint board (handmade to my specifications) and collection of sounds. I enjoyed a number of thrilling and fun sessions, including torture, corporal punishment, drowning and breath play, edge (of limits) play and dressing gorgeous and proud tarts who I took on outings. I am definitely looking forward to my return, so we can pick up where we left off.

I also had the opportunity to indulge in a little hotel play for those sessions that were best suited to the devious domestic space. I anticipate bringing an even more extensive collection of tools with me for my next visit.

For those who couldn’t be squeezed into my schedule, stay tuned for my next Sydney Domination tour, which I will will post here as soon as I have confirmed my dates. I am currently expecting this to be in early to mid September.

Impending Brisbane Mistress tour:

Now, I am preparing myself for my imminent Brisbane visit. Time is running out and I have only a few windows of opportunity left, so contact me very soon if you hope to throw yourself at my feet while I’m there.


Mistress Vianne

Sydney tomorrow…

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I depart for Sydney tomorrow and am looking forward to a schedule packed with debauchery. My Brisbane visit is also looking very busy, so get in touch ASAP if you hope to meet. Here is another new image from my latest shoot…


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Just to reassure those poor souls in Brisbane: I am coming! I will be conducting sessions from July 27-29. You will have the opportunity to throw yourselves at my feet very soon…And stay there; where you belong!

My Sydney tour is approaching…I will be there next week, wreaking havoc from Wednesday to Friday. I have commenced filling my diary, so get in touch before it’s too late. Here is a little something to whet your appetite from last week’s shoot…_TJM4466wrkd.web

Confirmation of My Sydney Visit

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Well, it is confirmed: I will be conducting sessions in Sydney from Wednesday July 20 to Friday the 23rd. 

I will be visiting the dungeons of Temple 22 in Darlinghurst during my stay and will be there from 12pm onwards on Wednesday 20th and available by appointment on Thursday and Friday. I will also be conducting a select number of sessions better suited to a ‘domestic’ atmosphere from my hotel in Darlinghurst. I am traveling with my full ‘kit’, of course! All those who wish to be at my feet may contact me as follows in order to make arrangements:

Send me an email: (my preferred way of arranging a rendezvous).

Call me: 0435 741 334

I won’t answer if I am otherwise engaged and in that instance, I request you follow with a polite sms, including your name and location. I will respond (discreetly!) when I am available for a discussion.

Repeated calls won’t make me answer you any faster and are akin to incessantly pressing the request button at a pedestrian crossing. Also, please note that sending an sms with ‘are you available?’ or ‘can u rape me?’ etc without a polite introduction is actually ill mannered and will illicit a lack of response.

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Impending Tour: The Tension Is Mounting

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Hello all! Well, I have finally recovered from an intense couple of weeks of BDSM play in Brisbane, interspersed with a small holiday and a week in FNQ, which was magnificent.

I am now conducting sessions in MELBOURNE, take note!

The next adventure is SYDNEY and I anticipate visiting within a fortnight. I am yet to conduct a session in Sydney and am looking forward to finally breaking the seal (yes, I intend to be lewd!).

After this, I intend to return to BRISBANE. So, brace yourselves!

Further to the above: I have some very exciting news to announce….
I am in the early stages of planning a trip to Europe, where I intend to get up to my usual wicked ways, conducting sessions in both BERLIN and LONDON.

There will now commence a flurry of activity, with updated photos for this site and a long overdue update of my information…As well as crafting new advertisements for the various online directories. I so adore the chance to write about my perverse ways and kinky activities.

So, do get in touch if you are in any of the above locations and hope to meet and stay tuned for a further update with my schedule.

Mistress Vianne

I am in Brisbane!

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I am having a wonderful and busy time in Brisbane as many of you already know, having been in my clutches! I do still have some time available on Friday. So, get in early to avoid disappointment- there is always a last minute scramble and I hate to miss out on any fun!


M. Vianne

0435 741 334

Brisbane Sessions

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I am taking the time to announce here what so many of you are already aware of: I am visiting Brisbane very soon! I will be available for sessions from June 8-10 and 15-17 inclusive. Do get in touch if you would like to meet!

M. Vianne

…And what am I up to now??

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Well, 2015 was not a year in which I spent a great deal of time in the dungeon, as many of you have noticed…However, there are great changes afoot in 2016. I have commenced the New Year with play in Melbourne at the excellently appointed Collingwood dungeon with torture and humiliation scenes. My first BRISBANE visit will be from February 3rd (commencing sessions in the afternoon/evening) until very late on Friday the 5th. Then, I depart for Melbourne early on the 6th, an utterly exhausted, yet supremely sated Mistress…

I would like to take this opportunity to note my immense appreciation to my slaves, submissives, play partners and conspirators who have made my rather lengthy career such an immense pleasure. The fantastic play; mutually challenging, exciting and fulfilling as well as the thoughtful and considerate (so often extremely appreciative) correspondence is something I have truly relished. So, let’s continue!

So, what are my future plans, you wonder? Well, I am still permanently based in Melbourne – I don’t expect this to change anytime soon. However, I will continue to regularly visit Brisbane in order to wreak havoc and am not adverse to setting up a new Salon there as I so love to have my own play space. So, this may just happen again. Also on the cards for 2016 is a potential Europe and LONDON trip, which I would expect to commence around August until, well, who knows? I could be lurking around for up to three months. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch to tempt me and plot with me.

Now, I’ve said it before, but will repeat myself:
Email contact is ideal:
Calls are acceptable, but if I miss you, do follow with a text: 0435 741 334
Please don’t bother withholding your number, as we will never get to know each other.

Mistress Vianne

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